Created in 1966, PC CSDB is the head scientific and designing organization of the branch on developing new technologies, non-conventional and special technological equipment, mechanization means and automation of special production processes, including production lines.

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At conducting scientific and research as well as experimental and designing works, PC CSDB provides engaging and coordinating of the activities of the branch institutes, adjacent branches and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Now PC CSDB is a scientific and production complex which includes an experimental mechanical plant and a special designing and technological bureau; it has a necessary laboratory; testing mechanical and production base to operate the newest methods and means for designing and improving created technique and equipment.

On the basis of PC CSDB are also created and operate the following branch structures:

  • Branch Information and Marketing Center for promotion of products, services and technologies to the Russian and foreign markets.

  • Defense Industry Business Center for realizing consumer goods and household products.
  • Electronic Commerce Center which also utilizes infrastructures of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (structures in different Russian regions and foreign countries of Europe, Asia and America) to provide for effective receiving, presentation and transfer of commercial information and offers of branch enterprises and their partners.
  • Center on industrial and ecological safety as well as on certification of explosive - hazardous works.
  • Center on improvement of professional skill in the industrial and ecological safety.
  • Representation of the Russian Federation in the Committee of Experts of the EEC of UNO on transportation of dangerous goods.

Delivered branch products:

  • Conversive technologies on various directions of activities at manufacturing products:
    • Chemical.
    • Special chemical.
    • And other machine and engineering products of different industries.
  • Groups of the consumer goods and civil production:
    • Constructional and decorating materials.
    • Electrical and engineering equipment, power cables, wires, etc.
    • Non-standard equipment for mechanical and chemical production.
    • Oil producing, mining, road-building, metal-cutting, press-forging equipment, logging equipment, etc..
    • Mineral fertilizers.
    • Agricultural computers.
    • Medical preparations.
    • Cellulose-paper products.
    • Mosfirmled metals.
    • Laboratory and testing equipment.

Products delivered by SE CSDB:

  • Technologies and equipment (equipment and production complex and installations) for:
    • Granulation and coating of substances; manufacturing of pilled drugs (nitroglycerin - slowrelease preparation "Nitro-Nik" and food supplements "Phyto-Splat", "Lecito-Splat" and others).
    • Layered pre-sowing treatment of seeds.
    • Manufacturing and transporting of foam-concrete mixtures of non-autoclave type.
    • Industrial manufacturing of polymer-concrete products of general and industrial application including pipes for underground communications of housing - municipal needs.
    • Manufacturing of products on basis of basalt fibers and threads.
    • Manufacturing of humic preparations used to increase earth fertility, recultivating clogged lands and cleaning wastes from heavy metals as well as treating solid household wastes.
    • Mixing of high - filled polymer compositions and moldings products thereof, quality contmosfirm.
    • Crushing, drying, fractionating and mixing of powders.
    • Producing cation bitumen emulsions.
    • Granulating humates.
    • Assembly of high pressure sleeves.
    • Packing into thermal shrinkage film.
  • Production, mini factories, equipment and installations for:
    • Manufacturing concrete, foamy-concrete polystyrene, keramzit construction blocks, bordering stone, etc.
    • Modifying bitumen for producing high quality asphalt-concrete.
    • Producing modern mosfirmled roofing and insulating materials.
    • Transporting and loading equipment.
    • Producing bricks by non-burning method.
  • Articles, materials, raw materials:
    • Medicinal preparations. For example, slow-release preparation "Nitro-Nik".
    • Food supplements - "Phyto-Splat", "Lecito-Splat", etc..
    • Pre-sowing seeds treated layer-by-layer.
    • Herotory-type pumps.
    • New electrostatic materials and means of electrostatic safety.
    • Polymer-concrete products of general and industrial application including pipes for underground communications of housing and municipal services.
    • Products on basis of basalt fibers and threads.
    • Articles made of high - filled polymer compositions.
    • Granulated humates.
    • Propellant generators of fire-suppressing aerosol for fire extinguishing systems.
    • Biodecomposible detergents for different industries.
    • Measuring pumps, ball cranes for gas pipe-lines and their drives.
    • Woodworking machine tools.
    • Signaling and compressing installations.
    • Vessels for various liquids.
    • Industrial rubber and plastic articles.
  • Services:
    • Marketing.
    • On manufacturing, assembly and putting-into-operation works, mini-plants, equipment and installations.
    • On certification of explosive productions.
    • Technological - by using casting, welding, press-forging, galvanic, assembly, instrumental and other equipment.